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Our NEW online course for high school students is currently running for the spring term!

Students enrolled in this course are learning how to produce a podcast episode and create their own news video featuring a story from their community. Students are matched with a college student mentor (a real human being!) who will schedule regular weekly check-ins.  Mentors assist students through the course content, complete their projects and learn more about journalism careers and the college experience.

The course runs March 18th to June 7th. Visit our follow our Facebook and Instagram sites for updates and sample student work.


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Media Equipment and Software

We believe in providing hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and software to develop practical skills and knowledge in media production.

Creative Projects and Collaborations

Our curriculum emphasizes active experimentation, concrete experiences, reflective observations, and abstract conceptualizations to foster creativity and innovation.

Media Literacy and Ethics

We believe in promoting critical thinking and ethical considerations in media studies to develop responsible and informed media producers.

Industry Media Arts provides Media Studies Curriculum Development
and Production Training for outreach and community programs.

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About Industry Media Arts

Industry Media Arts was founded in 2009 originally as the New Jersey Film Alliance, a NJ non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our initial intention was to identify media professionals who wanted to provide mentorship opportunities to young students aspiring to learn more about the industry. As we know, film school is extremely expensive and the NJFA wanted to provide an alternate path of education for students unable to afford film school.

As the media industry landscape began to change, the NJFA adopted a new name and changed the focus of it's mission. We wanted to serve a larger population of students. To achieve this we began working with educational institutions and local communities to provide media studies and media production programs.

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"I just wanted to say a vey big virtual thank you. I feel grateful that I got to have an opportunity to be a part of your class. We are grateful as students to have access to knowledgeable and valuable faculty like you."

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A NJ Non-Profit Company 501 c(3)

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