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Industry Media Arts

Industry Media Arts was founded in 2009 originally as the New Jersey Film Alliance, a NJ non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our initial intention was to identify media professionals who wanted to provide mentorship opportunities to young students aspiring to learn more about the industry. As we know, film school is extremely expensive and the NJFA wanted to provide an alternate path of education for students unable to afford film school.


As the media industry landscape began to change, the NJFA adopted a new name and changed the focus of it's mission. We wanted to serve a larger population of students. To achieve this we began working with educational institutions and local communities to provide media studies and media production programs. Industry Media Arts still partners with industry professionals to assist with developing up-to-date curriculum, course material, on-site and remote instruction, and access to exciting field experiences.


Industry Media Arts continues to focus on education related to media production workflows, technical aspects related to capturing and editing audio and video, and formats required for various distribution outlets. Current curriculum implements experimentation, concrete experiences, reflective observations, and abstract conceptualizations to provide a full experience of experiential learning in the classroom.

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