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Industry Media Arts still partners with industry professionals to assist with developing up-to-date curriculum, course materials, on-site and remote/online instruction, and provides access to exciting field experiences.


Industry Media Arts continues to focus on education related to media production workflows, technical aspects related to capturing and editing audio and video, and formats required for various distribution outlets. Current curriculum implements experimentation, concrete experiences, reflective observations, and abstract conceptualizations in various areas of media studies to provide a full experience of experiential learning in the classroom.

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The Industry Media Arts' curriculum and programs designed for your organization or community will encompass media studies and production training. We provide hands-on-exercises in areas ranging from development to distribution which includes writing, producing, directing, recording, editing, and hands-on-exercises focused on industry standards for distribution in today's media landscape. We will introduce students to industry standards in various aspects related to content creation and distribution. 

A solid foundation in the core concepts and principles of media studies and media production will be stressed. Focusing on the importance of organization and experimentation within the production process will allow students to expand their creativity while giving them a solid foundation and a working knowledge of project management. Students will learn the lessons they need to understand today’s media industry and will continue to apply even as the technology associated with media development, production, and distribution is upgraded. Technologies will change and progress through time and our curriculum will give students the tools they need to navigate these changes in the industry as they occur. 

The typical course developed by Industry Media Arts provides an understanding of the media industry along with the fundamental process of planning, executing, and completing a production for final delivery.


Our students typically concentrate on completing short form audio and video stories while conducting various tests with equipment and editing techniques. In certain programs the students also learn how to develop a show rundown for longer formats and sometimes will go as far as producing a full "live-to-tape" news program.


The fundamentals of planning, executing, and completing a production will utilize various aspects of concepts learned in media studies combined with media production. 

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